I love when really awkward things happen…as long as they’re not happening to me, that is. I might even go so far as to say that these situations give me life…

And I bet you probably do too, if you’ve joined us here today to laugh at other folks who are really getting into cringeworthy situations.

Just be thankful these situations didn’t happen to you, okay?

Let’s get weird and awkward!

1. This is very uncomfortable.

I can feel the cringe all the way from here.

2. We’re all hoping you recover.

Good luck with that!

3. Speak into the mic, please.

Oh wait. DON’T DO THAT!

4. It sounds like he made a great impression!

Way to go, boyfriend!


5. We need a leader.

No, we actually need a LITRE. Sorry fellas.

6. This is pretty embarrassing.

You blew it! Well, can’t go there anymore.


7. Mr. Pee Pee Watcher.

That did not go very well, did it?


8. You might need that…

You are at a vet’s office, after all…

9. Mom! Get it together!

Oh, parents, they just don’t get it sometimes, do they?

10. You have the wrong number.

Sorry, but we can’t help you.

11. This is weird.

And it seems to be escalating…

12. You just broke Grandma’s heart.

She is not a creep!

I’m cringing…are you cringing? I have a feeling that you’re probably cringing.

Now we should do some more cringing together!

In the comments, please share some of your own really embarrassing stories that are painful to remember! We can’t wait to hear your awkward tales!