Dog owners are known for sometimes spoiling their pups. We give them the comfiest of beds, the yummiest of treats, and the nicest of cuddles. One dog in New York City really had a spoiled moment when his owner ordered a beef burger from an “extremely fancy” restaurant.

As the order ticket shows, this dog owner went out of his way to get the burger just right for his dog.


It only says “THIS IS FOR A DOG” about 300 times.

Plus, “No salt, no oil, no seasoning, no pepper, absolutely plain, no toppings, no garnishes, no bacon, no pickles, no onion, no bread, no lettuce, no side salad, just the plain pattie.”

The piece of paper seems ultra-demanding and kind of a lot for a dog – but on the other hand, the order itself is pretty simple?

An employee at the restaurant took a photo of the ticket and sent it to a friend, who posted it on Twitter. It went viral.

People began sharing their own stories of giving their dog ~special~ meals — sometimes for very good reasons.


And it’s NOT just dog owners who do this! Cat owners are guilty, too!

Other people just made fun of the dog and his owner.


They BETTER not put any salt on that burger.


Because in case you missed it, this is for a dog.

Anyway, this behavior is slightly ridiculous but also very understandable. Dogs are the best, and they deserve the best!

Hope this pup enjoyed the heck out of that overpriced and extremely plain burger!