Think kids suck up your sense of humor? Not for Ryan Reynolds. If anything, being a dad to three daughters has only made him more funny. And he loves to (over) share on Twitter about his every thought and feeling on his role in the family.

Here are 15 of Reynolds’ hilarious, and often totally inappropriate, tweets on fatherhood.

1. Gee Ryan, reading Goodnight Moon to her works too.

2. That’s why she blows spit bubbles at you.

3. Chill dad, she can only improve.

4. Babies only want the keys, not the whole car.

5. Those are pricey.

6. Five bucks, a baby…it’s the simple things.

7. He probably has dozens of those little black masks.

8. As babies do…

9. Mistakes happen.

10. Never too early to mess them up.

11. Root canals come to mind.

12. Morning diapers are brutal.

13. A+ for Reynolds

14. He likes to make up his own nursery rhymes.

15. Unforgiveable, if not totally made up.

Ryan Reynolds is one, ahem, dad alright. If there was a Golden Globe for fatherhood, I bet they’d let him see it.

All kidding aside, I’m imagining there’s never a dull moment when Ryan Reynolds is your father. He takes Dad Jokes to another level and we parents are thankful for the laughs.

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