Your taco Tuesday could use a triceratops. A triceratops taco holder that can hold two tacos, that is.

The TriceraTACO was created by KidsFunwares, and its a plastic triceratops that makes holding tacos as easy as pie.

It carries two tacos on its back to double your pleasure and your fun.

Look at this beautiful beast!

Photo Credit: Amazon

Nothing spoils taco night at home than wrestling a crispy taco from your plate into your mouth without losing all the delicious filling inside.

Kids, especially, seem to lack a little coordination in this area. Their tacos tend to become a seasoned pile of meat, tortilla and cheese.

But this triceratops comes to the rescue, holding those tacos in place so kids can’t mess up their meal… at least too much.

Photo Credit: Amazon

The dinosaur shape is great too for keeping their attention. After all, kids love dinosaurs about as much as they love tacos, so combining these two pleasures is a dinner do.

Another great feature? It’s so easy to clean because it’s made of 100 percent food safe plastic. And, just as important, it’s also BPA-free.

But TriceraTACO is not just for tacos. Use them for holding toast and waffles too. These little prehistoric guys make any mealtime out of this world.

Look! The graphic provided by the company even says it!

Photo Credit: Amazon

They make great gifts and will encourage picky kids to sit at the table and maybe even clean their plates–of their triceratops.

Gasp! A clean plate? Get another one to hold dessert. 😉