Many states and countries around the world have enacted lockdowns. Even so, it hasn’t been easy for people to adapt to.

Some people have tried sneaky methods to get out of their homes, like this guy from Spain who dressed up as a T-Rex.

His local police department said about this outing:

“During the state of emergency one person is allowed to take their pets out for a walk in short spurts so they can take care of their needs.

This doesn’t include allowances for people who have a T-Rex complex.”

Needless to say, governments, public health officials, and even celebrities are doing their part to make sure people understand that they need to stay home, unless they meet qualifications that warrant an exception for them.

Samuel L. Jackson decided to be just one of the many voices helping people understand that quarantines aren’t vacations. Staying home can help flatten the curve and make sure that hospitals aren’t overwhelmed with people who are sick.

He went on Jimmy Kimmel, who is also forced to work from home because of the circumstances.

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The segment was actually a remix of a previously viral video titled “Go The F*ck to Sleep.”

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After a lovely chat with Kimmel, Samuel L. Jackson began reading from a book called “Stay the F*ck at Home.” The expletive-ridden segment was a hit.

Samuel L. Jackson’s reading was part of an effort to fundraise for Feeding America, a charity that works to make sure hungry families and communities are fed.

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You can check out the full video below.

What did you think of the reading? Will it be effective in making sure people try to make the best of their quarantine?

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