It’s hard to stay optimistic about humanity sometimes. Whether it’s because of stories you hear on the news, tragic events, and life in general, we’re all a little pessimistic.

But there are still good people out there, and this pandemic hasn’t stopped them from engaging in random acts of kindness. Here are some people who are going out of their way to do nice things for others.

Chicago Zookeepers Took Penguins on a Field Trip

I kind of love everything about this!

Man Celebrates Anniversary With His Wife

He managed to practice social distancing in the process. Good job, buddy!

Disney Is Donating its Extra Food

It will go to local food pantries and feed those in need. Love that they’re doing this!

A Group of Chefs Donated Food to The Elderly

This is going to help so many who are in dire straits. Great job!


People Are Matching Restaurant Donations to Feed Healthcare Workers

We’re sure doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff around the country appreciate a nice, hot meal. Yum!


One Elderly Care Facility Made an IRL “Hungry Hungry Hippos” for its Residents

Everyone looks so happy! More of this at ALL times, please!

Servers Got $1000 Tips Before Their Restaurant Closed

I love to see these photos. I can only imagine how joyous it is to see this when you pick up that check.

People Are Putting Their Christmas Lights Back On

Just spread a little joy and the whole world lights up!


Some of these actions were large, while others were seemingly small, but they all add a bit of cheer to these dark days.

What random acts of kindness have you seen people take part in recently?

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