If you ask me (or any dog lover, for that matter) every single good boi and girl out there is adorable in their own right – even if they’re not.

Sometimes especially if they’re not.

Science, though, says that some breeds are objectively cuter than others, and it’s all down to the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio is the number that shows up when the ratio of two quantities is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities – when the smaller is to the larger as the larger is to the whole.

That’s a lot of math for someone like me, so let me assure you, it’s a thing – and even if you don’t understand it, your brain responds to it when it sees it.

According to this principle, human brains find the Dalmatian the cutest dog around, with a face that adheres to 67% to the Golden Ratio.

The Irish water spaniel, wire fox terrier, Labrador retriever, and basset hound round out the top five, and you can check out the rest of the top 20 below.

Of course, there’s more to what makes a dog lovable than looks, so don’t feel bad if your pooch’s face doesn’t make the cut. We all know that personality does matter when it comes to relationships (especially with your pooch) and sometimes a dog is so ugly it’s actually cute.

I’m just saying.

20. Bloodhound

Look at those ears on the big boi!

Image Credit: iStock

19. Old English Bulldog

I think the wrinkles have something to do with it.

Image Credit: iStock

18. Bernese Mountain Dog

They just always look so happy.

Image Credit: iStock

17. Siberian Husky

They might be cute, but what about the shedding?!

Image Credit: iStock

16. Springador

This picture explains a lot about why.

Image Credit: iStock

15. Cavapoo

I mean honestly. That thing can’t be real.

Image Credit: iStock

14. Leonberger

That thing is ginormous!

Image Credit: iStock

13. Schnauzer

I’ve never thought these were cute at all, if we’re being honest.

Image Credit: iStock

12. Pug

These dogs are a crime against nature, however cute.

Image Credit: iStock

11. Newfoundland

Gentle giants, to be sure.

Image Credit: iStock

10. Golden Retriever

These had to make the list – they’re perfect.

Image Credit: iStock

9. St. Bernard

All of that drool, though…

Image Credit: iStock

8. Rottweiler

They’re strong but still adorable.

Image Credit: iStock

7. Jack Russell Terrier

These guys get into so much mischief.

Image Credit: iStock

6. Samoyed

I do thinks these dogs are downright adorable.

Image Credit: iStock

5. Basset Hound

Something about the eyes, I think – they see into your soul!

Image Credit: iStock

4. Labrador Retriever

They really are man’s best friend.

Image Credit: iStock

3. Wire Fox Terrier

The best little dog around town!

Image Credit: iStock

2. Irish Water Spaniel

Their coat seems like an awful lot of work.

Image Credit: iStock

1. Dalmatian

I hear they’re pretty high strung, though!

Image Credit: iStock

All of these dogs are cute, but have they seen every dog? And what about mutt love?

Do you agree with this list? Think something is missing? Sound off down below!