When money becomes involved in pretty much anything, you know that things can go sideways in a hurry.

And we’ve got a story today from Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole?” page that obviously led to some hurt feelings and some resentment.

And now this woman wants to know if she acted like a jerk…let’s see what happened?

AITA for not wanting to cover my SO’s kids expenses?

“My boyfriend and I make a comparable amount of money. He is older than me and has three kids from past relationships. I have none.

He has expressed to me that in order to move forward with our relationship and move in he would expect us to merge finances into one account. He believes that us having one account to join shared expenses and then our individual accounts with leftovers is deceptive and hiding money.

I do not want one joint account because I ultimately do not want to pay for his kids expenses especially larger ones coming up like cars and college. He pays child support and his ex wife does not even work, so I feel like I shouldn’t financially be on the hook when she isn’t.

I am feeling guilty and I’m not sure how to tell him this doesn’t work for me or how to come up with a solution.


Now let’s take a look at how Reddit users reacted to this story.

This person made it pretty clear.

Get out of that situation now and run for it!

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Another Reddit user said that this guy sounds like he’s gaslighting her in a roundabout way.

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Another person said that this guy seems pretty manipulative and shouldn’t be trusted.

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Lastly, another Reddit user said that this whole situation is worrying…I agree!

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