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AITA for telling my husband he exaggerated when he said my kids ruined his daughter’s birthday?

“Last week was my stepdaughter’s (SD) 14th birthday. She was in the hospital days prior for a medical issue and now she’s better. My husband threw her a small birthday party.

Unbeknownst to me, my boys (16) & (12) decided to pull a funny prank and mess with the birthday cake that they made for her. Instead of adding icing on the cake, they added mayonnaise. It didn’t go well and my SD’s reaction was to cry.

My husband blew up at the boys for what they did but they said they were just trying to prank her since it’s the norm and they always prank each others. My husband said it was the wrong time to do this on her birthday especially after getting out of the hospital. He told the boys they ruined her birthday but I told him he exaggerated with this statement.

He got upset and yelled at me for defending this behavior and being an enabler. I don’t I am because the boys love her that’s why they act like this but my husband was having non of it.

Both he and SD aren’t speaking to me nor the boys. AITA for saying he exaggerated?”

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