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AITA for telling my mom outrageous lies and making her look ridiculous?

“My mom refuses to believe me when I tell her I don’t know something.

When I still lived at home she would ask me personal questions about my brothers or my friends.

I tried to explain that I had no way of knowing what my brother, who was away at university, was doing for the weekend. Or why my friend had colored he hair.

It didn’t matter. The questions never stopped. So I have developed a method to deal with her. It has four stages.

If she asks me something that I know or have the ability to Google, (Where did Brendan Fraser do for the last decade) then I answer her question to the best of my ability.

If she asks me a question that I have no possible way of knowing I tell her clearly that “I don’t know”.

If she persists I come up with a random but plausible answer. For example when she asked me what my friend from high school, who is married to my brother’s wife’s sister, was doing with his old car when he bought his new car I told her that he traded it in.

When she doesn’t believe the plausible story. Then I go nuts. So when she said that she had spoken to my sister-in-law and he wasn’t trading it in them I come up with a random story. The car was stolen and when the cops found it the entire trunk was packed with coolers full of dead squirrels and elk meat. So they are keeping it as evidence and that’s why he is getting a new Bronco.

I don’t know why but she believes the weirdest s**t I come up with and passes it on as facts.

This has now bitten me in the a**. My brother said that when she was over there visiting she asked him about the squirrels and elk meat. And that it made the visit “weird”.

Everyone is mad at me for misleading my mom and for her embarrassing herself at my brother’s house.

I think she needs to learn that I don’t know everything and that she should accept that as an answer.”

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