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AITA for returning home after I found out that my husband booked 1st class for him and his friend while I got economy?

“My husband and I 30s haven’t been on a trip (out of coutry) for years. while he goes every year with his best friend. his reasons for going with him is because they both go to attend sporting events.

This year, my husband told me I could go with him and his friend since they were visiting a new destination. He paid for my ticket and everything else since I’m a sahm and have no job. the kids were left with my mom.

However. When I found out that he had booked 1st class for himself and his friend while I got economy. I just couldn’t hold my tongue. I confronted him about it and he at first refused to discuss then when the argument got heated he yelled “I PAID FOR YOUR TICKET FFS!!! ISN’T THAT ENOUGH???” then kept on about how I should stop acting like I was “royalty” and that if I come to think about it, even economy is fine for me since I “technically” don’t work anyway.

I cried because of what he said but decided to just not go altogether. He changed his tone and started begging me to just go with what he planned but I declined. I went to pick the kids from my mom’s house and he came back 3 hrs later huffing and buffing about what happened.

His friend sent me a text calling me entitled, and said this was the reason why he didn’t want my husband to take me with them and I just proved his point. I did not respond but I blocked him since he’s gotten increasingly rude over the past few months.

He (my husband) said I keep crying about being excluded and this is what happens when he finally decides to include me. AITA for not settling for economy? by the way he’s perfectly capable of financing the trip.”

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