Simone Biles is considered by many to be the most talented gymnast of all time. She’s won Olympic gold medals in vault, floor, individual all-around and team all-around. She’s the first woman to win three consecutive world all-around titles.

She was also one of the more than 140 women who accused Larry Nassar of sexual assault. Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for his abuse.

A few months after his sentencing, the Daily Mail published a story with the headline that referenced Biles’ “struggle” to get back to “top form” after she came forward about Nassar’s abuse.

The publication International Gymnast retweeted the article in a tweet that has now been deleted.

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Simone Biles responded firmly:

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At best, Nassar is a footnote in Biles’ history. He does not define her.

Powerful men are seeing the consequences of their actions. Those actions do not define the identity or the lives of their victims.

Her fans agree, and are finding encouragement from Biles and from each other:

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Biles is living her life on her own terms. She is a true champion in every sense of the word. And women will keep saying what they need to say, louder and louder, until everyone listens.