True story, my dad saved a baby squirrel when I was a kid and named him Rocky. You know, like the squirrel in the Rocky and Bullwinkle show?

Rocky was AWESOME. He was such a good pet. Until… he matured into a man squirrel. Then he got a little out of control.

Well… not Jill! She’s the squirrel has a whopping 720,000 Instagram followers and it’s easy to see why. She’s freaking adorable and she has an interesting backstory.

Jill was rescued during Hurricane Isaac in 2012 and has since shot to superstardom in the social media world.

Let’s take a look at this pampered little creature.

1. Soaking up the sun.

This would be my spot every single day.


2. Ho Ho Ho.

OMFG… is that the cutest thing ever or what?


3. Birthday celebration.

That tiara?!? I’m DYING.


4. Jump!

And away we go!


5. Snoozing.

Good lord… is there anything cuter?


6. With her beloved teddy.

How do they make teddy bears that small? Do they sell squirrel size? What world am I living in?!


7. Are you gonna make the bed?

Hey, don’t judge me, squirrel! You’re lucky you’re inside.


8. Working on her blog.

It’s called, “Nuts for Humans.”


9. Ready to luau.

The cutest can’t stop, won’t stop.


10. Boo!

I am legit terrified.


Is Jill awesome or what? She has to be among the cutest pets I have ever come across on Instagram. Her parents must be SO proud.

Be sure to follow her Instagram page to keep up with all her adventures!

Which of these made you smile the most? Let us know in the comments!