The more I look back on my days in high school, the more I just think they were kind of…weird.

I can’t really put my finger on the exact thing that made the whole situation odd, but I guess it’s just a combination of all sorts of things. And I guess that’s bound to happen when you shove more than a thousand crazy teenagers under one roof for seven hours a day.

And no matter where you went to high school and what years you attended, there is definitely something universal about the experience across the board.

And that’s what makes these posts so funny!

Let’s take a look at things that seemed perfectly normal while we were in school but just seem kind of weird when we reminisce about those days.

1. This is pretty true.

Gym teachers…yikes.


2. The popular high schooler.

Many of them peak at that point, too.

3. No way that’s happening these days.

Time to pound the pavement!

4. Hahahaha. Yes! So true!

It could happen any time…any place…


5. He was a real wiseguy.

It was always a boy…just saying…

6. That was great comedy in those days.

Not so much anymore…or is it…?

7. What kind of psycho does this?

Beware of these people.

8. People just loved throwing stuff in toilets.

It was the national pastime of high school kids.

9. What a terrible idea that was…

Never again!

10. You don’t need to know that stuff!

Here’s the stuff you’ll need in the future.

11. Doesn’t matter anymore.

You put that out of your mind years ago.


12. Total insanity.

Whew! I’m glad those days are behind me!


Remember the good old days of high school?

Tell us some of your fondest memories in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!