There is something to be said for aging with style and grace.

German couple Britt Kanja and Günther Krabbenhöft have tailored both of those adjectives into a way of life as a pair of Berlin’s classiest fashionistas. A chef for most of his life, Günther was noticed on social media several years ago for his refined wardrobe, out-going personality, and sweet dance moves as the couple tours Berlin’s social and club scene more often than you’d expect.

Also known as the Hipster Grandpa, both Günther and his fair lady Britt have become a couple of trending icons on social media.

This power couple will make you look twice and think thrice about that hoodie you’ve lived in since last March.

Below is a how-to in what to wear in clothes and life because age doesn’t matter when you realize how awesome everything can be.

1. As I mentioned, many style much grace.

You ever have those moments when you check yourself out in the mirror and you’re like, “Oooh yeeeah, respect the drip…” But I see these two and I think to myself “My drip is more akin to a literal wet towel.”


2. Summer in the city.

But cooler than the winter wind.


3. Classic in every sense.

This is what built your new-school cool. Do your homework, kid.

4. A bit of refined culture on your left

Your right, my left–or for real, just clear the path.


5. Looking shiny in The City of Lights.

That Paris glow, tho.


6. Fashion Week in Berlin, you say?

We are fashion all weeks–now pardon us. To the catwalk, my love.”

7. When you need to keep your mind as sharp as your style…

…you write. Günther is also the author of the book titled Sei einfach du! or Just be yourself – you’re never too old to be young.


8. The flower power magic hour.

Enough wholesomeness to make the tulips tiptoe around them.


9. Bit of a retro vibe.

How in Peter Pan’s shadow do you cast a profile that looks as happy as you?


10. Now, considering these two, there are good days to be had.

And so many memories to capture because as Günther wrote – you’re never too old to be young.


11. There are still stories to tell.

And pictures to help frame them.


12. People to meet.

And moments to share with them.


13. And so much life still yet to live.

Because you’re only as old as you think.


14. Let’s be honest, these two…

…I mean come on. Insert heart face emoji.


Here are links to Günther’s  Instagram and Facebook and Britt’s accounts on Insta and the ole Facebook. Their story is rather interesting. As you can also see, they are interesting people with stories to tell.

Age is just a number, so live until you can’t count any further.

If you have any stylish and awesome people in your life that live young let us know in the comments.