Every now and again, little accidents or mistakes turn into heartwarming moments.

That’s exactly what happened when an elderly man named Jerry mistook a man’s car for a taxi. The elderly man needed a ride to the train station, so the young man happily obliged.

When they arrived at the station, the “taxi driver” offered Jerry the ride free of charge, which really made his day. You can read the beautiful story the younger man posted on Reddit:

It’s a beautiful day for a train ride
byu/somethingwithatwo2 inIDontWorkHereLady

OK, how sweet is that? We especially love the last line, the fact that this Jerry has made such a lasting impact on this man over all these years.

The story was posted to the “I Don’t Work Here Lady” SubReddit, which is all about people mistaking others for employees. But Redditors were truly touched by this one.

One commenter noted that even though Jerry may have passed away, the story still resonated:

Photo Credit: Reddit

Other Redditor’s applauded the guy’s calmness:

Photo Credit: Reddit

Others just thanked the original poster for sharing such a heartwarming story, with no twist ending or scheme:

Photo Credit: Reddit

Now this is the kind of quality internet content we need more of in this world. People of all different walks of life cooperating and being kind to each other, just for the sake of kindness. Nothing to be gained.

What would you do if an elderly person hopped into your car like this? Drive them to their destination, or explain their mistake?

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