I love to see great Photoshop examples. It’s really an artform!

And a Twitter user who goes by the handle Jaythechou is really good at it.

And they’re very specific, too!

Their specialty is Photoshopping that famous bear known as Paddington into random movie scenes.

And we think you’ll get a big kick out of these pics! Go ahead and take a look!

1. Poor Paddington…

He’s up there just like King Kong.

2. Freddy Krueger is coming for you!

One of the best scenes in the movie!

3. Hang on tight!

Mr. Cruise appreciates your help.


4. Ripley does not appreciate Paddington getting all up in her face.

You can see how upset she is about this.


5. This is Dawn of the Dead, by the way.

One of the best zombie movies of all time! And yes, I’m talking about the original from 1978.

6. You better hold your breath.

Can you name the movie?

7. Beware of the mist.

Have you seen this flick? Intense!

8. Get to the chopper!

Paddington looks pretty agitated by Arnold’s actions.

9. One of the all-time classics.

It made people not want to take a shower ever again.

10. Oh boy, another one of my favorites!

The original Halloween from 1978! Never gets old!

11. The boy in the lake!

That’s Jason Voorhees, FYI.

12. Night of the Living Dead.

A groundbreaking film for a number of reasons.

Have you seen any other Photoshop magic lately that made you laugh?

Share some links and some pics with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot in advance!