A big brother who is planning to leave for college the next year is trying his hardest to make fun memories for his sibling.

Each day, big brother, Noah, likes to greet his young brother, Max, as he gets off the school bus. The hilarious thing is that Noah dresses up in costume.

The special videos of him surprising Max are posted on his Facebook page, The Bus Brother, where they melt the hearts of thousands of followers.

Noah told WBRZ, in his hometown of Baton Rouge,

“The first outfit was just kind of something silly, then I started coming up with more ideas. Then when my mom started posting them, people were donating different costumes and outfits.”

The original idea was just to embarrass poor Max as he climbs off his Central Community Schools bus. Now, Max says he’s used to it.

Still, Noah’s costumes always bring a grin to his little brother’s face.

Although, Noah is surprised by the amount of views and shares, he’s just happy to leave Max with some good times to remember him by when he’s out at college.

Chewbacca is Max’s favorite costume, but we’re pretty sure Noah may be his favorite big brother.

Next year, stepping off the bus will mean more than school’s done for the day. It means Max will always have the funny memories of his big brother looking out for him.