Just when you thought that technology couldn’t get any weirder, Tesla drivers can now set their horn to any sound.

Yes, any sound.

That includes farts, screams, airhorns, vuvuzelas, and literally any other noise that you could ever imagine.

Thanks to this latest software update, drivers can now honk out the tune of their dreams.

They say give the people what they want if you want a successful company. This might be an equally wonderful and terrifying step in that direction for Tesla.

Already, tons of Tesla owners have taken advantage of the software update and installed the customized horn of their dreams.

Check out some of these (both epic and questionable) choices from the Tesla community.


You can’t go wrong with installing a classic meme into your car’s software.

However, there is one small caveat. This feature is only available to those who own cars with the optional pedestrian speaker.

There’s another bonus for those who have that feature: your Tesla can function as the sound source during a party. Who needs a crazy expensive surround sound system when you can a crazy expensive electric car to do the same thing?

Basically, you can feel free to have an impromptu party or even bring the jams with you.

What better way to celebrate your new investments in dogecoin than by blasting out “RIP Harambe” on your newly updated Tesla – aka portable sound system and walking (driving?) meme.

That’s certainly one way to troll people in public. Though these features don’t work while the car is on the move, they still have the ability to startle any passerby’s by epic proportions.

What do you think of these custom Tesla horns?

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