Senior citizens at an assisted living residence decided to commemorate this year’s back-to-school time with their own chalkboard About Me pics and we think they are fabulous.

Let’s check ’em out!

Meet Mary!

The flood of back-to-school photos of grandkids, nieces and nephews inspired the adorable photo shoot, which took place at the Mineral Wells Nursing & Rehab facility in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Meet Tommie!

Of course, the staff posted the portraits on social media. They must have felt like proud parents of this spiffy bunch.

Meet Olen!

The chalkboards gave us all the facts about these kids including ages, what they wanted to be when they grew up, birthdays, best friends’ names, hobbies, favorite foods, songs, TV shows and colors.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the photos made them the most popular kids on the internet. They were even interviewed by ABC affiliate, WFAA.

Meet Alberto!

“It went everywhere. Everyone was clicking on us and we liked it,” said one of the residents.

Meet Alene!

The comments on the images were sweet and supportive. Everyone likes to see people of all ages have fun.

Meet Jack!

Jack, model trains rock. Have an amazing year,” wrote one visitor on the Facebook post.

Meet Patricia!

If you’re ready for more cuteness, visit the Mineral Wells Nursing and Rehab Facebook page. The residents and the staff look like one big happy family.

With residents having such interesting hobbies, there should be plenty to chat about.