Marriage isn’t something anyone should take lightly. It’s a huge commitment! And for a couple in Wales it was a long time coming.

Aleasha Pilawa was madly in love with her beau, Paul Schoproni but wasn’t quite ready to take the leap. She said he proposed to her “about 30 times a day“. He was diligent even going as far as making giant signs and holding them up as she drove by.

“He used to do things like stand outside there in the morning as I drove past holding a billboard saying “will you marry me?” – proper embarrassing.”

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be with him. She was working several jobs, raising three children, and had been married twice before.

“I’m doing a degree in HR management and running two tyre repair garages so having someone asking to marry you all the time can be exhausting. Besides I’ve been married twice already and was a bit reluctant to go through all that again.”

So one day, she made the decision to put him out of his misery in the strangest of ways. She planned a their wedding. But it’s not as you would imagine. She told him he’d be in their friends’ wedding and Paul was to be the best man.

Aleasha went all out, designing her wedding gown, making a three-tired wedding cake, and renting a pink convertible! There were a few close calls as she planned the surprise proposal/marriage. She almost got caught making her dress. So what did she do? She picked a fight with him.

“He did get suspicious once or twice so I’d have to create an argument just so I could be alone to plan our wedding,’ she said. “So, yes, there were a few nights when he ended up sleeping outside in the van, bless him.”

Wow…Poor Paul.

But all arguments aside, the big day arrived. Once Paul was standing at the pulpit by the officiant, the wedding started and out comes Aleasha singing, “It Should’ve Been Me.”

As you saw, Paul was a touch confused. Looking around wondering what was happening. But as she got down on one knee to propose he understood. He cheekily said no and acted as though he’d run for the door. Small payback for all those times she denied him. But this does have a happy ending as he returned, kissed her and said yes.

What did Paul think of the big surprise?

“I never suspected it for one minute,’ admitted Paul. “[When] she came singing our song – I thought it was a joke at first. And even now, despite the fact I’ve probably watched the video a hundred times, I still can’t quite believe it.

“Fair play – I have to say I’m pretty impressed she managed to do all that.”

Cheers to the happy couple! May your marriage be happy and loving.

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