15 of the Happiest Photos Anyone Between the Ages of 27 to 34 Should See

Anyone born in the late ’80s knows the ’90s and ’00s were totally bangin’. If anyone tells you differently, they can talk to the hand. Scroll through these hella sweet memories from back in the day.

1. The Russian roulette that was renting from your neighborhood video store

Will the movie you’ve been waiting weeks to see be available? Did you REWIND??

2. Your first cell phone

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

3. Snoop Dogg wearing Tommy Hilfiger

Photo Credit: The Fashionisto

4. Rachel and Phoebe making sure you got milk

Photo Credit: Milkpep

5. The Microsoft Encarta

Dad talked about how back in his day, real encyclopedias were better because they were books grandpa bought with monthly payments.

6. These pagers

One of the earliest tools capable of alerting you when the kilos of coke you were smuggling were waiting for you at the docks.

Photo Credit: Witoppager

7. TLC wore Tommy Hilfiger too

They told us what scrubs were and why they can’t get no love.

Photo Credit: LaFace Records

8. These beanie babies were going to make you rich, so you never cut the tags off

But the little poem on the tag was nice too.

9. I think we can all agree Clueless was the best film of the 90s

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

10. The unrealistic #lovegoals of A Walk to Remember

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

11. Your Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday party

You did too have one. I was there.

12. The book store where you bought Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

13. Your first cosmetics

RIP Bonne Bell

14. Where you got all your toys

15. How you bought video games there by carrying these slips of paper to the register

Photo Credit: Reddit

Your favorite memory missing from this list? Dude, my bad.