Collecting miniature replicas is a passion for many people. But when you’re rich, you have the space and funds to take your hobby to the next level. Like the owners of this mansion who have an entire secret town built in their basement.

Twitter user @victoriaxxviii posted these incredible pictures of a little burg tucked away just for their enjoyment.


The actual mansion is impressive to be sure.

I wouldn’t hate living there.

Photo Credit: Twitter

But the most amazing feature of this shack is where this staircase leads.

That’s a bricked street…in the basement.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Can you see the post office and the movie theater?

I’m wondering if there’s actual concessions inside!

Photo Credit: Twitter

Friends, there’s an antique-looking car parked on the street outside of the cafe.

See the sporting goods store with bikes outside?

Photo Credit: Twitter

It looks so real, I have to wonder what it’s like on the inside.

Can you see the movies? Or get an ice-cream in the cafe? I’m going to pretend you can.

Other people were just as enamored.

The car is awesome. The caption says, “Real, working parked cars.” What?

But leave it to rich people to feel like they don’t owe us commoners an explanation of why they have a town in the basement. Perhaps it’s just for fun to go along with their billiard room and toy room.

Lest you think it’s all cutsey fun and games in this grand estate, there are a couple of adult touches. The movie theater perpetually shows Mary Poppins and The Exorcist. There’s also a back alley with a door marked Massage Parlor. You’ll find it next to the liquor store/tattoo parlor.

What do you think? Is this town the product of a warped mind or just about the coolest basement ever?

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