10 Photos That Will Change Your Mind on Humanity and Make You Smile

Some days social media bombards you with negativity, making you feel like you’re living the perpetual “Monday” blues. Below are 10 wholesome photos sure to brighten your day and change your mind on humanity.

1. A Stranger Saved the “Rainy” Day.

Photo Credit: Imgur

2. Kenyan Marathon Champ Helps Disabled Runner, Sacrificing Her First Place Win.

Photo Credit: List25

3. Who Couldn’t Use More Grocery Money?

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/Promessa

“I found this in the $1 section at the grocery store. What a difference a random act of kindness can do…”

4. Sometimes We Need an Unexpected Reminder.

Photo Credit: Imgur

5. Love Thy Neighbor.

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/billdaff

6. “With a Little Help From My Friends”

Photo Credit: Msn

7. Even Furry Friends Need a Pool Day.

Photo Credit: Msn

8. Who is The True Winner Here? Both. <3

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/voteforlee

“Irish rugby player Brian O’Driscoll visits a young girl in the hospital with the Heineken cup. ”

9. To Walk a Mile In Someone’s Shoes…

Photo Credit: wowamazing

10. When There Was No Seat to Offer, He Gave Himself.

Photo Credit: wowamazing

Keep on smiling!