We’re used to seeing yummy cakes, but The Bake King (real name Ben Cullen) makes some real masterpieces.

You can see his work on Facebook and Instagram. Though he focuses on a variety of subjects, we chose to feature his scariest cakes. But don’t worry, they’re still delicious!

Cullen has some serious baking and artistic skills. Be careful, some of these look a bit scary depending on where you are.

10. What An Awesome Skull!

We really feel the steampunk/pirate vibes here!


9. This Chucky is Perfect for Halloween!

Just be careful in the dark.


8. Heart On Your Hand

That’s some convincing fake blood.


7. Yes, This is a Cake

It should come with a warning!


6. Pennywise Sees You

But you don’t have to be afraid.


5. Need A Hand?

The Bake King made you one.


4. An Interesting Nun

We’re sure it’s yummy.


3. Remember Jaws? 

This cake is a great depiction of Shark Week and the epic blockbuster.


2. It Only Takes One Snap…

But this Thanos still looks like he could end it all.


1. Why So Serious?

This joker is going to make you ask this question you might not want to know the answers to.


What did you think of Cullen’s cakes? Some of these look super-realistic and a little scary.

For some people baking a regular cake is tough, but Cullen shows you can specialize in something ordinary and make it awesome.

What do you think of Cullen’s cakes? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments!