Ready to change your day from dull to delightful? Are you prepared to have that from turn upside down? Do you want to just get on with this already?

Read these 14 jokes and be thoroughly entertained! Because that’s what we do around here!

1. Anxiety is your friend.

Or is it? Hmmmm….


2. What am I looking at?!?

No Buble! You don’t do it like that. It’s not a… nevermind.


3. It’s not always sleep apnea.

Sometimes it’s Silly Putty.


4. The cat jokes just keep coming.

Kitty has got expensive tastes, eh?


5. I haven’t answered a phone in years

But if I did… I’d regret it.


6. It’s hard to say…

How about “I don’t need directions.”


7. Have you seen this movie??

It is both horrifying and amazing, all at the same time.


8. Awwwwwwwww

The Child is the best character in the history of TV.

9. Oddly, this helps!

I mean, especially Dracula. Guy didn’t even do things until he died. I’ve already won that game!


10. You do you!

Btw, if you’ve never seen the movie Hereditary… well, now you have! Spoilers!


11. The rare bird joke

And it landed perfectly.

12. Nope!

It makes us all kind of horny, actually.


13. Doggie needs another snack

Doggie isn’t going anywhere until he gets fed… ADAM!


14. Just leave

There’s no reason to be there.


See what I mean? You’re walking on sunshine! Dancing on a rainbow of hilarity!

Which of these did you like the best? Just be honest with us… we can take it!

Do it in the comments, fam!