Whether we’re parents or not, we can all understand that raising kids in one of the toughest jobs any of us could ever have. And even if that job is supposed to get easier as kids get older… it really doesn’t.

These 19 parents are all of us. And we thank them for both their selfless sacrifices… and their hilarious tweets.

You all are the true heroes. And we couldn’t thank you enough for supplying us with reason to NEVER have children… ever.

Let’s take a look!

1. The REAL bucket list.

2. Just to name a few…

3. Taco Tuesdays!

Photo Credit: Twitter/@MissHavisham

4. Rhyming and crying…

Photo Credit: Twitter/@thedad

5. Try 25 years after you’re expecting.

6. 10-year-olds are dumb.

7. Goodbye weekends!

Photo Credit: Twitter/@DadandBuried

8. A talented teacher…

Photo Credit: Twitter/@daddysdigest

9. How conspiracy theorists are born:

Photo Credit: Twitter/@ValeeGrrl

10. Just go to bed!

Photo Credit: Twitter/@R_A_Dadass

11. I don’t think she knows how this works…

Photo Credit: Twitter/@AcciSuperMom

12. Well, that’s surprising!

13. Priorities are priorities.

14. We can wait.

Photo Credit: Twitter/@daddydoubts

15. Yeah kid, that’s a bad look…

Photo Credit: Twitter/@erdmanmolly

16. Those songs are catchy!

17. Savage!

18. The best laid plans…

Photo Credit: Twitter/@mommajessiec

19. Be careful what you wish for!

Photo Credit: Twitter/@ramblinma

And there you have it. The ramblings of the sleep-deprived, parental units out there who are just trying to make sure their kids don’t do something stupid enough to be fatal.

Or something like that.

Now that you know what to expect, will you someday be expecting??

And if you DO have kids… have any stories like this?

Drop them in the comments!