If you live with a disability, you’re well aware how the abled community can make life more difficult for you than it needs to be. The lack of access and accommodations is one thing, though at least laws can do something about that. But the ignorance many display can be even more frustrating because no law can govern that.

Recently, the hashtag #AbledsAreWeird popped up on Twitter so the disabled could share their bizarre encounters with those who are seemingly oblivious and…well, weird about disability.

“Thanks, I’ve got it.”

Yeah, that doesn’t work.

Wait… what?!? I hope that @$$hole was reported!

I don’t think they know what words mean…

“Oh, so you’re not lying about having a life-threatening condition. Got it.”

What is the deal with these teachers?!?

Well, she’s not wrong.

Yeah, that is a thing. People say they have ADHD and they don’t. Ugh.

When somebody finally understands

YES! All of this.

And when it comes to people in wheelchairs, they seem to run into a particularly strange kind of stupid…


Seriously people… MOVE!


Many things still work!

Yeah, whoever asked this is gross. Completely.

It would have been funny if you did…

Oh Ableds… you have such a long way to go…

Hopefully these tweets will help people gain some insight into how people with disabilities should be treated: like everybody else.