There aren’t many things that I enjoy more than seeing photos of animals before and after they’ve been adopted.

In the “before” pictures, they are usually just so depressed and they look like they have no hope at all because of their situation.

Then, fast forward to the “after” pics, and you’ll see totally transformed animals that are happy because they finally know what it’s like to be in a loving home with food and shelter.

Take a few minutes out of your busy day to enjoy these before and after photos that we think you will love.

1. We’re a happy family.

They’re all doing great!

Took a stray momcat and her kittens home. A month after, she has no more mange problem and I have 3 fat kittens too ? from BeforeNAfterAdoption

2. Hangin’ with Pelle.

Looks like a real champion.

This is 1.5 yo Pelle. I became his momma when his cat momma didn’t want to take care of him, around when he was 3-4 weeks old. My cousin adopted him when he got a little older. Now him and I get to hang out this entire week while she’s on vacation. from FromKittenToCat

3. A fat and curious hellraiser.

No longer a scared kitten.

From a scared and starving kitten found under my boyfriend’s house, to a fat and curious little hell raiser 6 months later from BeforeNAfterAdoption

4. Awwww. How adorable.

Now he’s eating all your food!

The guy from a bus stop who ate all of our food from BeforeNAfterAdoption

5. What a difference.

Looks like they’re living the good life now.

The difference a rescue can make from cats

6. Growing up fast!

In all of her glory!

Hey everyone! Back in July I posted our sweet little rescue, Kyra. Everyone asked to see her progress, well Reddit…Here she is in all of her glory! from aww

7. That is a HUGE cat.

And I’m sure he loves all the hospitality he gets.

8. Good boy!

Large and in charge.

My sweet boy Keller. I would die for him! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

9. He was abandoned.

Now he’s confident, healthy, and happy. And has a killer mustache!

Harvey’s skinny body was found abandoned in a ditch, soaking wet, and dotted with cigarette burns. He was infested with fleas, anemic, and starving. One look at his little face and I knew had to adopt him. Fast forward 5 years, he’s now a confident, happy, healthy boi with a career in modelling. from FromKittenToCat

10. No biting!

That’s her way of saying she loves you.

One year ago when i rescued her and now, showing gratitude. from cats

11. He looks very happy.

From the road to your home.

My dad found this cutie alongside the road while working. I’d like to say he lives a spoiled life. October vs. Now. from aww

12. Not a kitten anymore.

Big and strong!

My little rescue kitten isn’t so little anymore! from aww

Those legitimately brought a tear to my eye.

How lovely!

Now we want to hear from all the readers out there.

If you have a rescue pet, please share a photo and a story with us in the comments.

We can’t wait to meet these bundles of joy!