When I was in college, one of my best friends decided he was going to totally transform his garage into a man cave.

I was definitely skeptical, but he assured me I’d have to come and check it out when he was done.

And, oh boy, was it pretty awesome!

He laid down Astroturf in the garage, set up a table to play cards, built a small bar, and had a dartboard. Oh, and there was a good sound system in there.

I think I spent the next three years drunk in his garage in Lawrence, Kansas, but it’s kind of hazy…

The point is that man caves can be really awesome if they’re done correctly.

And here are some that you might think are pretty cool.

1. Time to put that to use.

That’s a nice-looking plant!

Got a new plant for my cozy room. I’ve always wanted to use that green container that I’ve had forever.
byu/jgeebaby inmalelivingspace

2. Gotta re-do the place.

You’ll get another new best friend at some point.

I decided to rearrange my furniture after my fuzzy roommate and companion sadly passed away last month. The new layout feels so much more open and balanced. And there’s still plenty of room for the cat tree when I adopt again.
byu/EricByDefinition inmalelivingspace

3. A great place to take in a flick.

I love the look of this!

Bought first apartment & redid ~everything. this is where i watch old movies!
byu/kniffs inmalelivingspace

4. Reclaiming your space.

You have to make it your own again.

Going through a hard breakup. Decided to redecorate and reclaim my space
by inmalelivingspace

5. You did a hell of a job!

Nice work, buddy!

Finally finished my living room. Here’s a before and after picture.
byu/averagejimz inmalelivingspace

6. Plaster the walls with art.

But it already looks awesome!

Living room finally coming together. Need some more art now.
by inmalelivingspace

7. A nice outdoor space.

It looks very relaxing.

My cozy innercity garden in Düsseldorf, Germany
byu/Yver22 inmalelivingspace

8. That’s all you need.

And I spot the Kansas Jayhawks stuff on the wall! Rock Chalk!

Small space but more than enough for me and my pup.
byu/t_V0 inmalelivingspace

9. Big city, small apartment.

But it sure looks good!

My big city apartment. The city is big, not the apartment.
byu/GCSof0 inmalelivingspace

10. That looks amazing!

Nice, cozy, and inviting.

Good Morning from New Zealand!
byu/rrrr_reubs inmalelivingspace

11. I like that view.

And I’ll take the booze!

The first week in the new apartment
byu/godlessrock inmalelivingspace

Now we want to hear from you!

If you have your own man cave, share some photos with us in the comments and tell us all about it.

Please and thank you!