If you live in a house with both cats and dogs, you know who’s in charge. No question about it, cats rule the roost. Even if dogs are 200 pounds of slobbery muscle, they’ll meekly bow down to a 9-pound cat when they encounter each other in the living room.

And all of these dogs did the same thing.

These pics are hilarious are they might look pretty familiar to you.

1. Hiding his head in humiliation.

Cat and dog enjoying the new beds we just got them. from funny

2. Banished to the floor.

It’s 7 degrees outside and the king has claimed his bed from aww

3. Howling at the moon in distress.

I was able to capture the raw anguish he felt after losing his bed to the void from stolendogbeds

4. Watching sadly from afar.

Dear Diary, spotted cat has stole my brand new bed and ball rope toy. Very Sad, Dog. from funny

5. It wasn’t even close.

I know who won this fight from funny

6. I’ll just sit over here.

No it’s fine, I didn’t really feel like stretching my legs out anyway. from funny

7. Now what do I do?

such disrespect from stolendogbeds

8. The floor will do tonight.

so tonight we have to sleep on floor from funny

9. A mismatch, to be sure.

What’s wrong with this picture? from funny

10. Dominance = Asserted.

New kitten has asserted her dominance over Gus quite quickly. He’s very sad about this power shift from stolendogbeds

11. Clearly not annoyed at all.

I’m fine from stolendogbeds

12. Mom, please do something.

"you seeing this??" from stolendogbeds

13. Don’t get close to your own bed.

She was not pleased with him being that close to her claimed bed from stolendogbeds

14. At least he’s touching it. Barely.

It’s fine. I totally wanted to lay like this. from stolendogbeds

15. No mercy on your soul.

Olive has no mercy for a recovering Mochi. from stolendogbeds

Does this happen at your house? Because it does in my house. A lot.

But… we want you to prove it! Share your photos in the comments, fam!