Social media trends come and go, but one I really enjoy is seeing people recreate photos from their pasts.

It’s a whole lot of fun and I’m always impressed with how specific they get with the details.

And these recreations definitely give us a unique look back into simpler times when the world didn’t seem as complicated or dangerous.

Or, maybe it was but we just didn’t know it…

Either way, let’s take a look at these recreated photos.

We think you’re gonna love them!

1. Yes to the butterfly clips!

You nailed it! Hey, even the shirt is pretty darn close.

Found some butterfly clips and had to recreate this photo (2002 – 2020)
by inPastAndPresentPics

2. We’re a happy family!

Looking good, fam!

[deleted by user]
by inPastAndPresentPics

3. This one is really good.

Having fun with cousins.

My cousin holding me as a baby in 1984 vs 2011
byu/BNoles51 inPastAndPresentPics

4. Time to take a nap…again.

He’s all tuckered out.

2004 and 2017
byu/professor_wondertwin inPastAndPresentPics

5. Cool! I love this one!

Recreated across the ocean.

Kyoto 2016 / California 2020
byu/sonicSkis inPastAndPresentPics

6. Brothers for life.

The way it should be. Always.

My brother and I, 1990-2017
byu/PatFnDuffy inPastAndPresentPics

7. Look at that!

Going way back!

My Grandma and Dad 1966 and 2020.
byu/Jamescovey inPastAndPresentPics

8. I think we have a winner!

This one is amazing.

by inPastAndPresentPics

9. This one’s for you, Mom! Popeye style!

You know she loved it.

Approximately 30 yrs apart, recreated for my mom.
byu/solicitingn00dz inPastAndPresentPics

10. Let’s all pile into the chair.

Might be a tighter squeeze…but you pulled it off!

Same chair, different sizes!
byu/claimlessjoy inPastAndPresentPics

11. In love with bugs.

It’s a lifelong obsession. Just don’t eat it!

Playing with a cricket, 1980s and 2020
byu/Long-Afternoon inPastAndPresentPics

12. We have a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan on our hands.

Tell us…which movie was better?

The 6 Y.O. me would be just as excited for the new Sonic movie as I was when it came out
byu/Bergeliciousdeff inPastAndPresentPics

Have you ever done anything like this with photos from your past?

If you have, please share them with us in the comments.

We’d love to see what you came up with!

Thanks in advance!