You may not remember all of these products, but dammit, they were very popular at one point!

Trust me on this one.

And then one day, poof!, they just vanished into thin air…

Do you miss these extinct foods and drinks? Let’s take a look…

1. Wasn’t a big fan…sorry…

Altoid tangerine sours. Anyone loved them too?
byu/weallliveinyellowsub innostalgia

2. Maybe one slice was enough?

Remember Vienetta ice cream/cake?
byu/TheSawManCometh innostalgia

3. Fruitopia was HUGE.

Prior to schools removing all the good stuff, we had Fruitopia machines!
byu/Meriah_Babette innostalgia

4. The reason for so many cavities!

Cotten candy bubblicious 90’s gum
byu/pitbullmom91 innostalgia

5. Oh, I remember these.

Creme Savers
byu/ohsofrazzled innostalgia

6. Cereal Straws were all the rage.

Kellogg’s Cereal Straws
by innostalgia

7. I am in favor of this.

For the love of god can they please bring back 3D Doritos
byu/sweet12oakly innostalgia

8. You’d figure these might make a comeback.

Pokémon Pop-tarts
byu/DroopyMcCool innostalgia

9. Totally ’90s!

Orbitz drink. Released in 1997 and discontinued in 1998. My parents still have a bottle!
byu/Mantraversial innostalgia

10. What the hell were these things called?

Does anybody remember the sherbet that used to come in this fruit plastic containers?
by innostalgia

11. “Island Fruits.” Yummy.

Lifesaver Holes
byu/Adventure84 innostalgia

12. This soda was extreme, yo!

Vault soda. Many video game sessions fueled by this stuff.
byu/fastal_12147 innostalgia

13. A different kind of gummy bear.

Oh how I miss these. Amazin’ fruit gummy bears.
byu/Rokhard82 innostalgia

14. They were glorious, indeed.

Snapple Elements, in all their glory
byu/PM_ME_90s_NOSTALGIA innostalgia

15. I had many of these in my school lunches.

Squeezit “Fruit Drink”
byu/mariozig innostalgia

Well, that was quite a trip down memory lane!

How many of these products do you remember from back in the day?

Let us know in the comments! And tell us about some of the other long-gone products that you miss.