What is happening?!?! And when will it end?!?!

In case you didn’t read the title of this article, I’m talking about out of control DIY home projects that people have been undertaking lately.

I guess most of them can be excused because people are bored during the pandemic and the lockdowns and they need to find a way to fill their time, but jeez…some of these things people are putting out into the world are just…weird.

Let’s see what folks have been up to, shall we?

1. Well, it is kind of festive.

But still…WTF?

Bumper rockery
byu/the123king-reddit inDiWHY

2. Have you tried one of these out?

Doesn’t really seem like a great idea.


3. Yes, those are plates.

And yes, this is classy.

This Great Wall of China
byu/McDirty09 inDiWHY

4. Your uncle seems awesome.

I want to meet this guy!

My uncle’s Christmas tree.
byu/Sketch_Crush inDiWHY

5. Make sure no one ever comes to your house again!

And your mail won’t be delivered!

I’m scared.
byu/Ilovemychicken1013 inDiWHY

6. Only in America, baby!

I’m here for it!

This mailbox
byu/RabiesRaisinss inDiWHY

7. Why would someone do this?

Gonna cause so many accidents…

When you want the person overtaking behind you have a heart attack
byu/UNSC-COMMsNO1379 inDiWHY

8. How’d that work out for you?

Doesn’t seem like it would work for some reason…

Excuse me i need to ride my piece of wood to school.
byu/The-Quantum-Man inDiWHY

9. Now this is good!

Cat owners, pay attention!

This guy built a mini-door complete with doorknob into the front door at the place he’s renting, for his cat Stanley
byu/BurritoBoy11 inDiWHY

10. So gross and inappropriate.

Your dinner is getting cold, is there a problem?

Porcelain with handpainted ants
byu/FoRealDoh inDiWHY

11. I do not like this.

And you deserve a ticket.

I hate it but kind of like it!
byu/slothmk1 inDiWHY

12. This right here!

Hey, pretty creative! But is anyone actually gonna drive this thing in public?

Liam Nissan
byu/bruce_forscythe inDiWHY

How about you? Yeah, you!

Do you have any interesting home projects you’d like to share with us?

If so, please do it in the comments. Thanks!