I’m gonna level with you: I need some chuckles and I need them right this instant!

And it looks like I’m in luck because these posts are RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

I love it when a plan comes together like this!

Check out these funny posts and see if they make you chuckle as much as I did.

Get started now, friends!

1. Look very closely…

I see what you did there!

2. I can’t tell what either of these are…

This is quite a mystery!

3. I wonder how long it will take her to notice.

I really hope she’s a Nic Cage fan…

4. I can’t believe that cat hasn’t ripped him to shreds…yet.

You are a brave man, my friend.

5. The Cheetos probably sealed the deal.

Did it work?!?! We want to know!

6. Her boyfriend blew it BIG TIME.

What the hell is that thing?

7. Hahaha, this is pretty darn funny.

They avoided him all night long…

8. I hope she has a sense of humor.

How can she possibly be mad about this?

9. I consider this to be time well spent.

We have an artist in the house!

10. Back to school pics!

I wonder who is more excited…

11. Hey fellas, does this look familiar?

I have a feeling a lot of you know this feeling…

12. I wonder if they found this funny…

Or if they called the cops.

Have you seen any posts lately that really made you laugh?

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