Alright, moms and dads, we have a roundup of hilarious tweets that are going to make you laugh and shake your head at the same time.

Why? Because these tweets are hilarious and accurate about the daily struggles of parenting.

Are you ready? Let’s dig in!

1. That’s cute…and kind of sad.

“No kid… you were born in special times.”

2. Big win!

But, yanno… that’s also a huge dick thing to do to a kid, so…

3. The continent of Syrup.

With all those tasty countries!

4. Following your lead.

He learned it by watching you!

5. Speaking the truth…this time.

This will end, though. You know that, right?

6. Just throw him!

“I’ve got him… whoops.”

7. This kid has a bright future.

Keep up the tense negotiations!

8. That’s a bonus.

But isn’t that just a bit sad, though?

9. Do you remember those days?

Ahhh… memories.

10. Sounds like a blast.

Sign me up… not!

11. Might as well…

Like it really matters anymore!

12. Can’t take it anymore!

Honey, you’re great. Please stop.

13. Learn something new every day!

Just add vodka, give the kids their iPads… and do some day drinking!

14. He has arrived!

All hail the king of the tee pee!

Do those tweets about being a parent speak the truth, or what? Okay, parents, we want you to sound off in the comments!

Tell us some funny or humiliating stories about your kiddos in the comments! Now’s your time to expose them and get some revenge!

Besides, they’ll never read those comments. They can’t read!

Thanks, fam!