Just what the heck am I looking at here?!?!

I don’t know you personally, but I have a feeling that’s what you’re gonna be saying to yourself after you look at these photos from Reddit’s “Confusing Perspectives” page.

You’ll laugh, you’ll do some double-takes, hell, you might even cry because you can’t figure out what you’re seeing.

Whatever works for you!

Take a look and see for yourself…

1. I’m pretty sure that tree is hugging a woman.

Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me.

2. Look at the chair and look at the arm…

It doesn’t add up to me.

3. Sir, are your feet okay?

You might want to go see a doctor about that.

4. The longest arm in the whole wide world.

I’m really hoping that’s a panoramic screw-up.

5. You don’t see many of these out in the wild.

But today is your lucky day!

6. Does that dog have a license to drive?

I sure hope so…could get ugly out there…

7. What’s happening here?!?!

Are the giants finally taking over?

8. Take a long, hard look at this one.

Just let it sink in…

9. This is really creeping me out.

This guy doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into.

10. I couldn’t tell if this was the ocean or some mountains.

I’m still kind of confused about it…

11. It’s finally happening…the rapture!

Run for your lives!

Are there some photos that confuse you and make you question reality?

Share some of them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot, friends!