Q: Why is John Milton a terrible guest at game nights?

A: Because when he’s around, there’s a pair of dice lost!

If you think that’s funny, then these library pics and memes will really tickle your spine.

1. Shelf-help

Photo Credit: Imgur

2. Blind me with library science.

3. No shelf control.

Photo Credit: We Know Memes

4. Book people take shelfies.

Photo Credit: Bookbub

5. Chill out and read.

Photo Credit: The Funny Place

6. Coincidence?

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. Oh, my.

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. What a bargain.

Photo Credit: Reddit

9. Speak loudly and clearly.

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10. Library preppers

Photo Credit: Reddit

11. Everyone wants to know the story behind this.

Photo Credit: Imgur

12. Yep, that checks out.

Photo Credit: Reddit

13. Librarians are mean sometimes.

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Reading is a novel idea. So, book it to your local library where librarians know how to make shhh (and laughs) happen.