I remember my mom showed me a photo of her father from the 1940s and I said to her, “how old was he there?” Her answer: 35. I thought he easily was 50…so maybe the people behind these tweets are on to something…

Maybe people did age a lot faster back in the day

Well, at least it’ll be open for debate after viewing these posts. Let’s see what these folks had to say.

1. He sure does…

2. Wow. I’d guess in their late 30’s at least.

3. This is pretty crazy.

4. Unbelievable that Wilford Brimley was only 50.

5. Hey there, grandpa.

6. Not a man to be messed with.

What do you think about this?

7. I love Jim Croce…but yes, he did look pretty old.

8. Three rock n’ roll legends.

9. My grandmother looked way older than she was, too.

Do you have any old photos that add more proof to this argument?

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