You always gotta double and triple-check your work before you turn it in!

Those are words to live by, people!

And that goes for school AND work.

But today we’re gonna focus on the school side.

Take a look at these mistakes that students made and try not to cringe too much, okay?

1. That could have been ugly.

Watch your step, sir…

2. It’s just a working title.

I wonder how this would have gone over…

3. It’s time to get clever.

The second one is even worse.

4. You’re in trouble now!

What were you thinking?!?!


5. I’d give you extra credit for that.

But I’m not in charge, am I…?

6. Buckle your seat belts.

You really stepped over the line with this one…

7. You almost made a terrible, terrible mistake.

We’re glad you caught it on time! Could’ve been ugly…


8. You always gotta catch yourself in the act.

Trust us on this one!

9. Well, at least you were being honest.

Can’t fault a person for that, right?


10. You gotta double-check next time!

Or else you might be in big trouble…

11. I wonder if you got docked a grade or two.

I wouldn’t put it past those pesky professors.

12. Spelling your name wrong is REALLY bad.

And it was on your dissertation?!?!

What’s the worst mistake you ever made in school?

Share your stories with us in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from you!