It’s pretty wild to think about how much texting has changed our everyday lives.

We don’t REALLY have to talk to other people anymore if we don’t feel like it and I’m all about it!

But even though it’s made our lives more convenient, we still get some funny and weird texts sent to us from time to time.

Check these out and see how they measure up to the texts you get.

1. Lee really did it this time, huh?

Do you think he ended up getting his a** kicked?

My favorite Thanksgiving text EVER
byu/Nolongermrs inwrongnumber

2. I bet you didn’t see this coming.

Read it very carefully…

Ho Malone or Post Malone
by inmemes

3. I don’t think it works like that.

But I guess you can give it a shot…

byu/cold-sweats incomedyheaven

4. This person really loves snowmobiling.

This was a set-up the whole time…

byu/SleepySniper45 incomedyheaven

5. Walked right into this one, didn’t you?

You should have seen this coming!

Pie rates
byu/OldManWithers52 incomedyheaven

6. This backfired.

Nice try, though.

byu/existence-is-pa1nful inme_irl

7. This is one of the greatest responses you’ll ever see.

Sorry Mom, I don’t run Google.

Mom thinks son run Google
byu/mmarcusandresf inGoodFakeTexts

8. This didn’t go as planned.

I bet this person was pretty disappointed…

it back
byu/M4T0K0L_123 incomedyheavenheaven

9. Grandma knows exactly what she wants.

Don’t mess with her about Wendy’s!

byu/ConsiderablyMediocre inGoodFakeTexts

10. This person really blew it…

But then they came back with a real zinger!

me irl
byu/haliennt inme_irl

11. Just looking for a fight…

About literally anything, I guess…

by inBadfaketexts

12. This person needs to take it down a notch.

Buy them a dog or something.

When you are so needy
byu/mungoape inGoodFakeTexts

What do you think is the most ridiculous text you’ve ever received?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know!

And share some screenshots if you got ’em!