From the reports I’m hearing from friends of mine, I’ve learned two things lately…

One: every person with kids is about to lose their shit because we’ve all been trapped together with our families for months now.

Two: parents really haven’t been able to have ANY alone time at all. And I’m not even talking about with each other, I’m talking about people spending time on their own, alone, enjoying a few moments of peace.

But, by the sounds of it, they definitely need it now more than ever.

Let’s check out these tweets from parents who could really use a little time by themselves.

1. This sounds like paradise.

Am I dreaming?

2. Yes, you must leave.

And take your time!

3. It doesn’t exist anymore.

But you can hope for the future…

4. That is a good plan.

And you’re damn right! It sounds glorious!

5. Too late for that.

Any other ideas?

6. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Don’t blow this opportunity.

7. We all knew it wasn’t going to happen.

But we can all wish…

8. That’s a wild joke that will never happen.

Trust me on this one.

9. Problem solved.

You got nothing to worry about!

10. Not a good idea.

Next time, consider your options.

Parents, we sincerely hope that you get some much-deserved alone time very soon.

But before that happens, tell us how it’s going in your household right now. Are you losing your mind? Barely holding on?

Are the kids behaving or are they climbing the walls?

Tell us everything in the comments!

We look forward to hearing from you!