Carlos “Tito Charly” Elizondo is YouTube’s newest star. But he isn’t your the stereotypical Millennial or Gen Z YouTuber that you’re probably picturing right now. Not even close.

You see, Elizondo is 79 years old. This grandpa started making cooking videos and posting them online after he lost his part-time job as a grocery store bagger. And he became a wild YouTube success, practically overnight. It’s easy to understand why he became so popular, once you watch a few of his videos.

He speaks Spanish in all of his videos, but if you’re an English-speaker, you can always turn on the subtitles.

Elizondo’s wife died a few years back and all of his children are grown and married. He wanted something to do, so he started showing people how to cook on the internet. He even created his own line of ingredients!

Be forewarned, because you’re going to be seriously hungry while watching his videos, which are almost too adorable for words:

Look how cute he is:

Well, we can all learn a little something from “Tito Charly.” Chiefly, that it’s never too late to try something new (including something involving a new technology that’s used mostly by young people!)

If you need us, we’ll be learning how to cook from Elizondo and secretly wishing he was our grandpa. See you later after we binge-watch all of his older episodes!

What’s the one skill you learned somewhat late in life? What inspired you to learn it and why?

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