Some stories about animals are just so heartwarming that they stick in your head (and your heart) for a long time.

The story of a cat named Potato is one of those tales.

Potato was living a rough existence on the streets in China when he was rescued because it was obvious that he was pretty sick. He was suffering from tumors called ceruminous adenoma and vets eventually had to remove his ears to prevent the disease from coming back.

But the story gets happy from there!

Potato found a forever home filled with love in April 2019 and he also has a new best friend that he lives with named Horlick.

Let’s meet this handsome boy (and Horlick) who has 11,000 followers on Instagram. Not bad for a former street cat, huh?

1. Meet Potato!

A very good-looking cat, don’t you think?


2. Here he is snuggled up with Horlick.

They look pretty cozy.


3. Here he comes!

In slow motion!


4. Playtime for Potato!

Fists (actually paws) of fury.


5. Happy birthday!

Enjoy that cake!


6. Should I watch TV or play video games?

Decisions, decisions…


7. Lounging and lovin’ it.

Are you comfortable, Potato?


8. Which hairstyle do you prefer?

I’m thinking I like the Elvis one the best.


9. Before and after.

Before he had to have his ears removed.


10. Best friends forever.

They do everything together.


11. Here’s Potato with his owner.

These two make a great team!


Isn’t Potato just adorable?

I’m so glad that he’s in a loving home instead of out on the streets.

Now we want to hear from you.

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We can’t wait to meet these cats!