Paula Kuka is an artist in Australia who creates illustrations about what she knows best: being a mom.

Kuka has two children and said,

“I survived the wild and hazy early days of being a mum of two by documenting our life in series of cartoons.

What began as a personal project, took on a life of its own and I discovered not only were the drawings very therapeutic for me, they were also resonating with women all over the world.”

Enjoy Kuka’s artwork and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

1. Sometimes very lonely.

2. Finding magic.

3. There’s a lot more to it.

4. Try it out sometime…

5. Ouch!

6. That’s good advice.

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This is a repost because I have been absolutely head down in commissions and every time I go to draw a new cartoon I have to give myself a little talking to and go back to the commissions. ? This was very relevant to my day. Two sick kiddos. An impatient headspace because my mind is slightly distracted with my ‘to-do’ list. A very short nap from the toddler. Even the four year old was annoyed he didn’t get his ‘me time’ before she woke up. So when things got a bit tense we went into the garden and I was aware my neighbour was in hers. It’s amazing how well you parent when you think someone can hear you. It forced me to be patient when the two of them fought over who got to use the broom (even though there are two identical brooms.) I took the time to come up with relatively sensible answers to a string of questions about whether mosquitos can see through glass. It really did turn things around. ? I would love to know your disaster day survival tips. I'll be including some in my book. ?

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7. All moms worry.

8. Two sides of the coin.

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Sometimes you just want a streak-free healthy glow ??.

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9. I’ll be hiding…with wine.

10. Be careful what you wish for.

To all the moms out there, what do you think of Kuka’s comics? Are they on the money???

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