There’s no secret that jobs are demanding. We work to eat, live, and have a social life, so holding down a steady job is a means to survive.

But does that mean you should “kill” yourself to meet work demands? Should you  live in fear of your boss? Can you never allow your personal life to interfere with work?

I used to think so. Not anymore.

This Linkedin post by Daniel Abrahams, the CEO of Hustlr Agency hit home. He’s a boss who understands the importance of nurturing a healthy work environment. He believes that a leader should create a company culture surrounded by honesty and transparency. We are all human, after all. We carry emotions, we have lives outside of work, and no employee should have to hide that.

His post is open and honest. Take a look.

“Let’s be authentic with each other on the journey” and “…be real about our lives.”

He couldn’t have said it better.

He outlines his day, from leaving at 1PM to watch his daughter accept an award and how he wants his team to do the same. His message shows respect for his employees through his reasoning:

“As long as we: get the work done, deliver what we say, and keep growing our clients’ businesses…” then all will be well.

This is so true. And plenty of people commented on this post to affirm these truths.

Photo Credit: LinkedIn

There’s plenty of room in the work place for both work AND life…

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And hey, if you don’t find what you’re looking for at one job, that might be a sign to move on. There are greener pastures.

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So what about me? How did my story end?

A year and a half later from my leave of absence, I found a boss like Daniel Abrahams. My new leader is kind, funny, forgiving, and a family man. I work for an organization that embraces all people, their families, and abilities in a transparent way.

In other words, I’ve found my nirvana.

If you’re finding yourself in a role that promotes a fearful and disingenuous culture, I promise you there’s a company out there who will appreciate you.

Go find them and keep Daniel Abrahams’ message in mind!