Losing a loved one is incredibly hard, no matter the cause of death.

And saying goodbye, whether at a cemetery or a church, can be incredibly difficult.

But now, however, instead of choosing between a traditional casket or an urn filled with your loved one’s ashes, you can choose to have their memory live on forever — in the form of a tree.

A Canadian company called Bios Urn has come up with a creative and touching way to honor your deceased loved ones. The urns are made from biodegradable material and can be planted in the ground, eventually producing a tree.

The trees, of course, not only help the environment, but they also serve as a lasting final resting place for your deceased loved ones. Imagine being able to visit one of your loved ones in a park or even in the backyard, taking advantage of the tree’s shade and foliage.

Someday, there could even be entire parks dedicated to these trees grown from ashes, which could ultimately replace cemeteries in cities around the world. How cool is that idea?

There’s already a park like this in Canada, and more are sure to follow:

People really seem to love this idea, writing that turning their loved one into an eventual tree just felt so much better than a traditional burial:

This idea just goes to show you that innovation works on nearly all levels, and at all stages of life.

Who would have thought that such a revolutionary idea could potentially transform death into something so positive?

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