Do you despise coriander?

Wait, what’s coriander? Isn’t this a post about cilantro? Well, coriander actually IS cilantro. You know, that herb that accompanies most Mexican food? It is citrusy and fragrant. But for some people… it tastes like soap. Like, literally it tastes like soap.

So of course there’s a growing Facebook community called “I Hate Coriander.” Not only do people post their disdain for the plant, but this expanding platform is bringing these haters together.

If you’re an official hater of coriander, this is for you!

15. The hatred is real

14. Waiter: “How’s your meal?” ME:

13. LMAO

12. Wedding RSVP dietary requirements

11. “F**CK Coriander”

10. Discrimination has taken to a whole new level

9. This is a PSA

8. Coriander: “Ruining¬†lives since forever.”

7. When you’re so angry you seek out Coriander in the garden section…

6. Strict kitchen house rules

5. Haters are pledging to flush unwanted coriander

Backers of this movement have even gone to extreme length to express their hatred permanently.

With tattoos.

4. In case you were wondering…

3. Loud and proud

2. Just a small reminder.

1. Coriander hate runs deep

By the way, this Facebook group is selling shirts and bumper stickers for their some 200,000 followers.

So there’s that!