Some dogs are big and fluffy. Others are built like a hippopotamus. And then there are borzoi, or Russian wolfhounds, that historic breed of dogs with long legs and an even longer snout (aka snoot).

Eris the borzoi is kind of a big deal. She has nearly 200,000 Instagram followers who love the daily posts that highlight her, erm, assets.

Like her huge overbite! Look at that amazing snout!


She may look super regal and elegant from afar, but step a little closer and you’ll see she’s really just a big goof with a huge personality.

All the snuggles… with the blankie.


But more importantly, please just look at this long snoot! It’s soooo long!


She also loves cake, so there’s that. But then again, who DOESN’T like cake… amirite?


And she also loves hanging out with her BFF, which looks like a pittie… but all we know is that opposites attract because Eris has hair EVERY damn where.


Just look how tall she is!


But again, that snoot though:


What’s not to love? Eris is not only adorable, but obviously leading a well-rounded and super fun life. Just like doggos are supposed to do!

If you need a little more cuteness in your life, we highly recommend your check our her feed. It’s chock full of ALL the fun doggo things!

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