Most of us will never experience anything even remotely close to this in our lives, which is why I’m so happy this incident was captured on camera.

Scott Russo lives with his family in Lincoln, California, where sheep are definitely a common sight. In fact, the city government brought sheep in to graze to help get rid of overgrowth in an attempt to curb wildfires in the area.

Recently, Russo opened his back gate to let his daughters get an up close and personal look at the sheep…but he forgot to shut the gate behind him when they were finished. Uh oh!

Photo Credit: YouTube

The flock of sheep couldn’t help themselves, and roughly 200 of these furry creatures flooded into Russo’s yard. And it was chaos. Russo tried his damnedest to get them out, but the sheep clearly had their own agenda. And they kept coming.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Erin Russo, Scott’s wife, said, “I feel a little irresponsible for leaving the gate open knowing there was livestock out back. But they were so skittish- I didn’t even think it was possible that they would storm our yard like that.”

Russo said, “They quickly shuffled in and before we knew it, in the blink of an eye, there were hundreds in here and we just didn’t know what to do.”

Eventually, Russo was able to coax the sheep out of his yard with the help of his wife Erin, who made noise and jumped on the trampoline to scare the sheep away. They eventually all escaped out of the back gate.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Here is the full video in all its glory. It actually kind of looks like a fun party…but it also wasn’t my backyard.

I have a feeling that now on, Russo won’t forget to lock that back gate anytime soon.